2014 Tax Season

Tax season is fast approaching and we are getting ourself geared up for January.   This year we are changing how we are sending out income tax organizers to our clients.  In the past, we mailed you out a lengthy and descriptive tax organizer, which we sent out to you in mid January.  The organizer was to help you assemble your tax documents and use the organizer as a guide.  However, we have found that most of you aren’t using the organizer, either because of its complexity or just see it as unnecessary.

We will be posting a more general tax organizer here, on our website for your convenience.  We will be sending out a postcard this year, instead of the complete organizer.  Be looking for it to come to you in the next few weeks.  We have found that only about 20% actually use our planners.  Many clients do not even open the envelope it’s mailed in.  For this reason, we believe this approach will save us time and postage, but still yield the same results.

For those individuals that prefer the complete tax organizer that includes your previous year’s tax data, you will need to email us at ghainc.tax@gmail.com or call us to request your planner.  We will be happy to have it available for you to pick up.   If your preference is for us to mail it to you, let us know, we can do that too.  We can also put into pdf format which you can access through this website on our portal. But you do need to let us know to place it on the portal for you.  This way you can’t misplace or lose it and you can access it anytime.

We will call it – 2014 Tax Organizer – ON DEMAND!